Artist Statement

As a sculptor, my work has been inspired by the elements of nature on both a macro and microscopic level, from galactic bodies to the delicate patterns of crystalline structures. In 2000, I began to explore a new series of stainless steel kinetic sculpture that has served as a catalyst to augment these themes. The kinetic work interacts with nature and allows the viewer to become engaged with the sculpture. The sculpture responds to the environment and serves to heighten the viewers' awareness of their natural surroundings. They are self-contained systems that are wind driven and provide the viewer with an infinite number of movements that range from tranquil to frenetic as the weather patterns change.

The series has grown in scale and has developed into larger, more structurally complex and dynamic installations. The movement of the sculpture hopefully evokes subconscious contemplation and is open for interpretation.

The kinetic series incorporates aspects of design, engineering and physics. While abstract in approach the themes combine opposing factors, including chaos and order, simplicity and complexity as well as gravity and balance which all serve to remind the viewer of our connection to the greater universe.